Artist-in-residence programme at La Colombière 2017

Published on 13 September 2017 - Updated 21 September 2017
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Julie Maquet won this year (the third year of the programme) and set herself up at La Colombière on 7 August, where she'll be until 18 September. Born in 1990, she gained her Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression plastique (Higher National Diploma in Plastic Arts) from the TALM ANGERS Graduate School of Fine Arts in 2015. Julie Maquet works with volume and sculpture.

She has undertaken her work at the La Colombière with the intention of transforming the space made available into a "cabinet of curiosities", with a contemporary twist, in order to exhibit a series of productions both connected with and offset against the context of the Loire Valley cultural landscape, carried out by permanently salvaging and collecting commonplace and everyday objects. 

Her aim is to offer an image of nature, an interpretation of her own. But through the channel that is nature we will also question our relationship with notions to do with standards, norms and conformity, and so with "monstrosity" – invented notions implemented by the human world. 

For the European Heritage Days on Saturday 16 (2-6 pm) and Sunday 17 September (10 am-12 pm and 2-6 pm) 2017, you will have the opportunity to explore Julie Maquet's work at La Colombière, hameau de Préban, new municipality of Gennes-Val de Loire 

Artist residencies

The Fondation Marquise de Narros-Institut de France, Mission Val de Loire and the village of Chênehutte-Trèves-Cunault would like to breathe new life into La Colombière, and have therefore decided to devote future residencies to the landscape theme. The Tourisme et Culture association, in liaison with the various partners, is playing an active part in the centre's opening and outreach. 

La Colombière was bequeathed to the Fondation Marquise de Narros-Institut de France, which now owns it. This house was where the sculptor Gustave Pimienta lived and worked for thirty or so years until 1982. 

Danièle Sallenave, from the Académie française, who wrote the "Dictionnaire amoureux de la Loire" and is attached to the history and beauty of the site, is curator of the Fondation Marquise de Narros-Institut de France, the site owner. She chairs the jury which selects the resident artists. 



CC BY-NC-SA Imola Gebauer / Mission Val de Loire


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