Archaeological excavations on the left bank in Blois

Published on 02 July 2014 - Updated 11 July 2014
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Since October 2013, INRAP archaeologists have been carrying out digs upstream of the project for reconversion of the Vienne district’s psychiatric hospital on the left bank of the Loire in Blois. The excavations, which cover an area of almost 12,000 m² and which were ordered by the State (DRAC Centre), are the first to be undertaken to the south of the Loire in Blois.

Between the 3rd and 1st centuries BC, a number of places on the stretches of the left bank’s alluvial plain were inhabited, and not only the right bank promontory. Such early and continued inhabitation has been confirmed in unexpected fashion by the research underway in the Vienne district, with an isolated tomb bearing witness to it. 

A Gallo-Roman shrine was identified through discovery of a Gallo-Roman fanum (temple of square design in the Celtic tradition). 

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Crédit photo : © Didier Josset, Inrap