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Angers Loire Métropole protects the Loire Valley in its Local Urban Plan (PLUI)

Published on 15 January 2016 - Updated 22 January 2016
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At the end of 2015, the Community Council unanimously passed the Angers Loire Métropole Local Urban Plan draft decision. It will be submitted for public enquiry in 2016 before being definitively approved in early 2017. This plan contains Planning and Scheduling Guidelines (OAPs), including a specific one for the Loire Valley which is broken down into objectives for protecting and showcasing the specifics of the UNESCO listed site.

Angers Loire Métropole has been supported by the Angers Region Urban Planning Agency (AURA) and Mission Val de Loire in defining these guidelines, and made use of the findings of the landscape study conducted by the CAUE49 in 2012. 

Guideline no.1: unveil the main landscape balances

  • strengthen a landscape and environment framework
    • maintain the main landscape and environment balances
    • increase farming activities that shape the landscape
    • maintain and open up the valley bottom again
    • maintain the greenbelts at the heart of the site
  • improve understanding of landscapes
    • maintain viewpoints over the sweeping landscape
    • promote exploration trails


Guideline no.2: qualify the urban spaces

  • factor in the different urban layouts around the Loire
    • Habitat stemming from geographic relief
    • Habitat stemming from valley development
    • Loire façades
  • Control and organise the development sectors

Guideline no.3: qualify the entrance points to and viewpoints over the site

  • Site entrance points
  • Site boundary points
  • Site passing-through areas



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