A preview of the Tours CIAP

Published on 11 February 2020 - Updated 04 January 2021
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On 10 January this year, Tours, City of Art and History, opened a space giving a preview of what its future Interpretation Centre for Architecture and Heritage (CIAP) is set to look like. This is aimed at engaging with the public by providing an insight into Tours’ heritage and history, thus increasing understanding of how the city we know today came into being.

Tours, which has been recognised as a City of Art and History since 1989, has pledged to develop a culture and tourism policy rooted in the local architecture, heritage and living environment.  

In this regard, the City has spent several years working on the design of an Interpretation Centre for Architecture and Heritage (CIAP). This will be a community culture venue seeking to raise awareness, inform and train people from all walks of life in their local history, architecture and heritage.  

A study is currently in progress to lay a CIAP out in the Governors’ Residence on the premises of Château de Tours. It will extend over 1,200 sq.m., covering three floors. The project intends to fit out a range of spaces:  

  • permanent exhibition area
  • temporary exhibition area
  • educational rooms
  • tourist information and visitor area
  • gift shop, also offering services
  • resource centre on the history, heritage, architecture and urban planning of Tours
  • function room for holding meetings and conferences on urban projects in Tours

Preview of the CIAP

Pending the completion of the CIAP, a preview space called “Le Logis” opened on 10 January this year in the grand building of the Hôtel des Ducs de Touraine. It showcases a selection of heritage outreach tools, which will help visitors to get to know the City better through its history and heritage.  

The main themes addressed are: the Loire landscapes, urban residences and Tours as a royal city. Most of the tools are digital and innovative, including a 360° sphere for projecting videos, a 3D reproduction with a VR headset as well as audiovisual devices to connect with the public. 

Online:  https://www.tours.fr/actualite/583/73-le-logis-prefiguration-du-ciap.htm    



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