Scientific and professional council (CSP)

Published on 19 December 2013 - Updated 18 July 2023
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A scientific and professional council was set up within Mission Val de Loire in early 2012. It has 17 members from the various scientific fields and occupations that Mission Val de Loire's broad spectrum of activities encompasses, as well as from the main universities and research entities in the two Regions concerned. Members sit on the committee in a personal capacity.


  • Assist Mission Val de Loire in its activities
  • Suggest new subjects and areas for discussing and testing out with a view to informing a medium-term strategy.





Yves LUGINBUHL, agricultural engineer, geographer, director emeritus of research, CNRS, LADYSS  



Jean-Pierre BERTON, professor emeritus, former head of IMACOF (which stands for Engineering of Aquatic Environments and River Corridors) 

Jacques BOISLEVE, journalist and writer 

Jean Michel COEFFE, tourism expert and former Managing Director of the Federation Cap France 

Anne-Marie COUSIN, Honorary State architect-urban planner, expert for ICOMOS France  

Louis-Marie COYAUD, geographer and retired professor, University of Tours 

Claire GIRAUD-LABALTE, lecturer, Catholic University of Nantes  

Alain JULIEN-LAFERRIERE, contemporary art specialist, Director of the Tours Centre of Contemporary Creation  

Nicole LE NEVEZ, expert to the National Commission of Sites and Landscapes 

Bruno MARMIROLI, Head of the Loir-et-Cher Council of Architecture, Urban Planning and the Environment (CAUE41), architect – landscape designer 

Loïc MENANTEAU, CNRS researcher, Nantes 

David MONTEMBAULT, agricultural engineer, geographer, lecturer, Agrocampus 

Valery PATIN, art historian, sociologist, expert to the World Bank and UNESCO 

François PRIET, law specialist, professor, University of Orléans  

Alain  SALAMAGNE, historian, professor, University of Tours, Renaissance Higher Education Centre  

Virginie SERNA, archaeologist, chief heritage curator, General Directorate for Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Communication  

Laura VERDELLI, lecturer of urban layout and development projects, CITERES, University of Tours 

How it works

Beyond the plenary sessions which are held twice a year, the members of the CSP take part in a range of work groups and lend their support to the actions developed by Mission Val de Loire.  

Work has already begun on several themes: 

  • Links between the economy/landscape/heritage;
  • Participation of residents;
  • The contributions that contemporary artistic creation can make to the Loire Valley cultural landscape and its management;
  • Rivercraft, navigation;
  • Heritage up against the flooding risk. 



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