Guideline 5: Successfully integrate new infrastructure

Published on 16 December 2014 - Updated 12 December 2017
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Integrate the following significant new infrastructure into the Loire landscape: 

  • bridges,
  • roads,
  • air networks,
  • wind turbines and solar energy infrastructure.

Proposals for action

  • Conduct a framework study analysing the needs for bridges at the scale of the UNESCO-listed boundary.
  • Include a landscape study in preliminary studies and programming studies.
  • Design a bridge and road project as a territory-wide project, and anticipate their impact on the development of the territory being accessed.
  • Endeavour to integrate new electric power lines into the landscape and push on with the policy to bury existing lines.
  • Do not install wind turbines that are visible from the Valley because they would be out of scale with the surroundings.
  • Avoid installing photovoltaic solar panels on the ground in agricultural areas, develop them instead on the roofing of buildings in industrial and commercial estates and industrial wasteland. Encourage their integration on detached houses and agricultural buildings.



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