Guideline 4: Organise urban development

Published on 16 December 2014 - Updated 12 December 2017
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  • A shared Loire-based culture to inspire a form of contemporary creation that respects what already exists.
  • Integrate new districts into the traditional Loire network.
  • Avoid setting up excessively large developments overlooking the Loire.
  • Protect and enhance the remarkable vistas and panoramic viewpoints over the Loire and its Valley.
  • Fit new constructions seamlessly into the landscape.
  • Integrate and redefine industrial and commercial estates.

Proposals for action

  • Use the development guidelines to improve the urban layout of new districts, ensure the transition of forms between old centres and new districts and carry out the territorial distribution of industrial and commercial estates more effectively, all the while limiting the impact they have on the landscape.
  • Use the regulations underpinning PLUs and AVAPs to guarantee a high level of integration of new constructions from a landscape and architecture point of view (location, size, colours and materials).
  • Pay careful attention to public areas giving access to the most remarkable sites (ports, panoramic viewpoints, monuments)
  • Continue the reclaiming of the Loire's urban banks and extend to peripheral public areas the implementation of coherent landscape projects.
  • Identify, list and protect remarkable outlooks, vistas and panoramic viewpoints.



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