Guideline 3: Control urban sprawl

Published on 16 December 2014 - Updated 12 December 2017
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  • Control urban sprawl and the proliferation of urban settlement into the landscape due to linear urbanisation along roads or isolated settlements.
  • Prevent the urbanisation of hillsides overlooking the Valley, protect the greenbelts that serve as boundaries of urban areas and protect the woodland edges on the hillsides.

Proposals for action

  • Define the sectors for situating urban extensions following on from existing urban outlines.
  • Envisage a considerate densification of existing and future urban outlines.
  • Prohibit the opening up of zones to urbanisation on the hilltops and sides, outside of already established urban outlines.
  • Identify and protect the greenbelts by relying on urban planning documents and such regulatory tools as Protected Agricultural Zones (ZAP) and Areas for Enhancing Architecture and Heritage (AVAP).
  • List the edges of terraced woodlands as Listed Wooded Areas (EBC).
Crédit : David Darrault