Over 400 participants in the Rendezvous of the Loire Valley

Published on 05 October 2012 - Updated 13 March 2017
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Two years after the Rendezvous of the Loire Valley organised to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the UNESCO listing, expectations were high given the sheer number and diversity of stakeholders represented: State departments, local authorities, public agencies, associations, etc. The first feedback seems positive regarding the new format proposed.

The day was split into two separate parts: 

  • a plenary session in the morning with presentations comparing international and Loire perspectives by the State, the Regions, local authorities and associations
  • a forum in the afternoon entirely given over to the expression of Loire Valley stakeholders through an area presenting 50 projects, a wall of words, workshops and 20/20 sessions (20 minutes, 20 people)

From the management plan to the action plan

84% of local authorities gave thought to the management plan of the listed site. Out of the 197 local authorities concerned, only 5 deliberations were unfavourable and 14 expressed reservations primarily about: 

  • urbanisation of hilltops,
  • extension of areas given over to economic activities,
  • maintenance of sufficient constructibility to meet inhabitants' needs,
  • integration of renewable energy sources and tailoring of buildings to the energy savings standards,
  • management of farmland and woodland.

These and the subjects identified during the afternoon workshops will form the key points of the discussions that the Prefect Michel Camux would like to hold widely for drawing up the action plan for implementing the guidelines of the management plan. 

François Bonneau, President of the Centre Region, has advocated that the conservation and enhancement of the Loire heritage form the cornerstone of local development projects. 

The transcript of the plenary session will be uploaded shortly. 


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Encounters, exchanges and group achievements

During this 9th Rendezvous of the Loire Valley, the Mission Val de Loire wanted to give as many participants as possible the opportunity to have their say. While some participants may perhaps have been short of time to find out about all 50 projects presented in the forum area, they all went away with the booklet of 50 panels made for the occasion for all that. The 20/20 sessions did not empty all day – prompting discussions to go on long after the 20 minutes were up. The workshops also enabled small groups of 6-7 people to talk amongst themselves before holding a general discussion. 




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