Indre-et-Loire world heritage mediation meetings

Published on 25 March 2015 - Updated 16 April 2015
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Wednesday 1 April 2015 at the "Salle du Saule Michaud", Carrefour rue du Saule Michaud / rue de la Gaudellerie, Montlouis-sur-Loire.


12 p.m. midday: Participants get together to chat around a lunch buffet 

To give them some starting points for discussion, the list of all the stakeholders' projects will be put online. 

1.45 p.m.: The Renaissance in the Loire Valley 

A fun, historical approach to a major period in the construction of the Loire Valley cultural landscape, on the occasion of the cultural season commemorating Francis I (1515-2015). 

2.15 p.m.: Presentation of projects or achievements 

  • Participatory workshop on the building of a traditional toue barge / CPIE Touraine - Loire Valley (TBC)
  • The streets are paved with history / Ville de Rochecorbon
  • Scale model of a half-timbered house / Pays Loire Touraine (PAH)

Not forgetting: Basics of the Unesco listing. For an initial participation 

3.45 p.m.: 

Visit to the Maison de la Loire. 

Passing on culture about the river and raising awareness of the flood risk 

Visit to Bondésir island. 

Protect and showcase a Loire nature spot 

5 p.m.: End 


Participants and registration

The list of participants will be put online at least a week before the event.