Restoration of the gallery at Brézé Castle

Published on 25 June 2019 - Updated 03 September 2019
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The Great Gallery at Brézé Castle near Saumur has undergone successive restorations since 2006. The walls have been redecorated in the style of the 19th century; now 5 of the 7 paintings by the period’s greatest portrait painters are to be restored to their former glory.

With scientific and financial support from the Maine-et-Loire Département, the owners of the castle have been restoring these works of art since 2010: the colours of the oils have been enhanced and the canvases have been restretched. 

These paintings, which all have protected Historical Monument status, include the impressive early 17th-century portrait of all seven of the Dreux brothers: this family’s ascendancy dates back to this period. They also include a series of 19th-century portraits of members of the royal family, as well as two other important works: one by the Italian painter Carlo-Falconi, and the other by the French painter Claude-Vignon.