Port renovation on the Loire

Published on 02 March 2011 - Updated 22 March 2011
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Following publication of the details of the “Fleet and ports of the Loire” plan, under the aegis of the Loire valley development organisation (Mission Val de Loire), local government organisations have committed to renovate their quaysides and ports as part of their urban improvement and tourist development activities. Two recent achievements: Chalonnes-sur-Loire (49) and Bréhémont (37).

Chalonnes sur Loire (49)

Opened on 17th September 2010 after 9 months of work, the Gambetta quayside has become a lively new area for recreation and business.  

The main developments were: 

  • construction of a jetty along the whole length of the quayside. The result is a pleasant high-level walkway along the quayside.
  • specific improvements to the end of the quay with varied flagstones and a sandy surface
  • tree planting
  • modifications to the waterway to preserve two lime trees in the Place de la Serrerie.
Quai rénové à Chalonnes-sur-Loire : promenade et bancs

The project cost (including work at the Place des Halles) was €1,000,000 before tax, co-financed by the town (€550,000), a single CTU (Contrat Territorial Unique) payment from the Pays de la Loire region in line with its local policy supplemented by a “UNESCO landscape” CTU (€210,000), central government (€140,000) and the departmental authority (Conseil general) (€100,000). 

An historic river depth indicator, a collective item of work including the collective memories of numerous participants, was installed at the same time. 

Photos credit : Town of Chalonnes-sur-Loire 

Bréhémont (37)

On the 11th December, the port of Bréhémont was officially reunited with the Loire. Many items of work had been carried out: the renovation of stairs, cleaning and restoration of slipways, installation of new lighting and of ringbolts for mooring of vessels.  

These works were carried out as part of the policy for improving the ports, led by the department of Indre-et-Loire (conseil general). This policy has two main aims: 

  • restoration of the slipways and embankments, and provide support for improvements (toilets, lighting)
  • contribution to promoting and organising tourism: approval of boats and supporting those seeking authorisation to be pilots (this in conjunction with the activities of the Central Region Council in providing assistance to boat building).

Other ports are involved in these activities, notably: Chouzé-sur-Loire, Langeais, La Chapelle-sur-Loire and Candes-Saint-Martin. 

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