“Portrait de Loire”: first the exhibition, now the book

Published on 08 January 2019 - Updated 30 January 2019
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In 2015, Véronique Popinet, an author-photographer, and Thierry Moulat, sound specialist, headed off in discovery of the women and men who live and work by the Loire, taking a social approach to the Loire – an aspect which has seldom been explored. Their interviews have been presented in the form of an audiovisual exhibition at several locations in the Loire Valley. Today, they wish to turn this exhibition into a book and are launching a crowdfunding campaign.

The Loire is a meaningful heritage for the residents of the areas it flows through – it forms part of their identity. And, going beyond the emblematic river that is the Loire, rivers in general – by their symbolic dimensions and ability to shape and nurture landscapes.  

To shed more insight and light on our links with rivers, a book seemed like a natural extension to the exhibition. 

"PORTRAITS DE LOIRE, Récit d'un bord de fleuve" will be about 150 pages long and have a print run of 1,000 copies. Everything is now ready for the book to be published, all that is missing is an extra injection of cash to help finance its dummy and printing.  

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