"Po l'occhio", a digital show for the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance

Published on 17 July 2019 - Updated 03 September 2019
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[Edit: event cancelled due to the drought] This summer, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance, the Centre-Val-de-Loire Region is putting on a free, participatory travelling digital show for residents of the Loire Valley. The "Po l’occhio" show will engage spectators in a dialogue between digital creation and live performance.

[Update 1 August 2019] 

Due to the drought, the Centre-Val-de-Loire Regional Council has decided to cancel all five performances of this concert. 

Further information at http://www.regioncentre-valdeloire.fr/accueil.html  

Po l’occhio ("Open Your Eyes" in English) is a show that combines cutting-edge multimedia techniques, projections on water screens and interactive live performance. The show’s name is a reference to a piece of advice purportedly given to Leonardo da Vinci by his grandfather Antonio, to encourage him to observe the world. This show will be performed for free at nightfall: 

  • 9 August at Place Séraucourt, Bourges
  • 16 August at the Hippôdrome, Chartres
  • 23 August in the CathedralSquare, Orléans
  • 6 September at Chambord Castle
  • 20 September on theIle d’or, Amboise

For further information: https://www.vivadavinci2019.fr