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Published on 07 April 2016 - Updated 27 July 2021
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From 7 to 11 March 2016, Agrocampus Ouest in Angers hosted the inter-schools of landscaping workshop organised with the support of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development. Master’s 1 students from Angers, Blois, Bordeaux, Paris and Lille set to work on a subject set by the Angers Region’s Urban-Planning Agency (AURA), with a view to sketching out proposals for development of the Mayenne-Sarthe-Maine confluence site.

On the morning of 11 March, students presented the results of their work in the presence of Angers urban community, AURA, Mission Val de Loire and Ministry representatives. Jean-Louis Demois, Vice-President of the urban community responsible for development of rural areas and rivers, emphasised the interest of having an external viewpoint at the time the territorial project was being drafted. 

The inter-school workshop is one of the actions promoted by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development in the context of its landscape policy. Schools also have open days, doctoral courses and the “Projets de Paysage” (landscape projects) magazine. 

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Proposals sought to rethink green transport and interconnectivity of means of travel, give water back its rightful place (runoffs, replanting banks, etc.), upgrade the entry to the town and town-country connections, and suggest joint transformation of architecture and uses.  

AURA Director Emmanuelle Quiniou stated that the workshop was fully in line with the dynamics of the Loire Laboratory promoted by the Loire Valley’s 3 urban-planning agencies (AURA, ATU and AUAO) along with Mission Val de Loire. Working in collaboration with the Loire Valley’s schools, the Laboratory has tasked teams of students with coming up with possible solutions for flood-risk areas

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