Tree planting operation around Chinon

Published on 30 October 2012 - Updated 09 November 2012
Cet article date d'il y a plus de 8 ans

Plant almond trees, quince trees, service trees and walnut trees to keep up a landscape and cultural heritage around Chinon. The Permanent Centre for Initiatives for the Touraine-Loire Valley Environment (CPIE) is once again launching a planting operation around Chinon thanks to funding from the Centre Region. The trees will firstly be planted on common land but the operation is also open to all inhabitants in the area concerned - particularly farmers. Closing date for registration is 20th November 2012, with a limited number of trees available.

The selected planting sites must have a collective landscape interest, i.e. they must be located on plots that are visible from public areas, outside of private leisure areas, of villages and fit into the farming and rural landscape. 

Once it has agreed during a field visit, the CPIE will supply the trees; the planting work and tools are the responsibility of applicants. 



© ABFPM / Olivier Sampson


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