The histopad comes to Amboise and Chinon

Published on 23 May 2019 - Updated 18 June 2019
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Following the examples of Chambord (2015), and Blois and Loches (2018), the Château d’Amboise and the royal fortress of Chinon are now equipped with the histopad, a digital mediation device which, using augmented reality, offers complete immersion in a site’s history.

At Amboise, visitors can now move amongst buildings that no longer exist; they can witness the changes made to the layout of the royal apartments over the course of time; and they will be surprised to discover famous works of art, currently preserved in museums throughout the world, in their original settings. They can actually cross paths with kings and also with the less remarkable personalities who have helped to shape history.  

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At Chinon, eight rooms that have been transformed or no longer exist have been virtually reconstructed, allowing the visitor 360° immersion in the 12th, 14th and 15th centuries. They can experience the extraordinary Christmas Court held by Henry II Plantagenet in the Great Hall of his palace; they can witness the Recognition by Joan of Arc; and they can manipulate war machines and pieces of artillery in 3D (bricole, trebuchet, cannons, etc.) using a technique involving interactive objects.  

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