France Info investigates the periurban landscape in Ballan-Miré

Published on 03 December 2012 - Updated 11 January 2013
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Over a third of France’s population lives on the outskirts of towns – the constant search for space and for land at affordable prices explains why. Ballan-Miré’s population increased from 1,363 in 1954 to over 8,000 in 2009. Its inhabitants are mostly owner-occupiers who spend a good deal of their lives commuting, and who have a complicated relationship with the rural population that has lived there for generations. What of the future? Jobs? Young people? France Info takes you into the lives of those who want all the advantages of city life without its drawbacks.

Local authority officials, inhabitants, farmers, shopkeepers and architects give their account of life in periurban areas, with 5 focuses: 

  • What kind of people become periurbanites?
  • House-owners, but not without cars at the ready in their garages
  • From farmland to housing estate
  • Pampered inhabitants
  • Youth, the future in suspense

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