Economy, heritage and landscape

Published on 27 September 2013 - Updated 11 December 2013
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On Thursday 12 December 2013 the Mission Val de Loire is organising a brainstorming day in Tours on the economic value of heritage and its landscapes.

Nowadays consideration is given to heritage in an objective of integrated policy, appeal and stimulation of regions. The importance of landscapes is acknowledged – not just remarkable landscapes but also ordinary ones, which play a part in the quality and living environment of populations. That said, at a time when public money is in short supply and uses and unavoidable drastic choices are in competition, these aspects of the region are not always given priority.  

It is important to demonstrate their worth in terms of economic appreciation, to provide arguments in favour of action for making politically-oriented choices and to assess the economic, environmental and cultural returns on investments that have been or will be made in the economic, landscape and heritage sectors. 

What is the economic value of heritage and that of landscapes? According to which parameters should it be analysed – over and above the impact in terms of jobs and income?  

Assessment methods have been in place for a few years now: cost-benefit analysis, analysis of the economic consequences, etc. and then, as regards the environment, analysis of the services provided by non market goods. These methods still need fine-tuning for the landscape field more particularly.  

It has been suggested that discussions be held on this subject and this study approach be developed, by taking it further, on the UNESCO Loire Valley. 



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