Two nature awards for the gardens of Villandry

Published on 28 February 2013 - Updated 06 March 2013
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At the end of 2012, the Château and gardens of Villandry were awarded the Refuge LPO (French Bird Protection League) label following an inventory that counted some 90 species of bird across the estate’s 25 hectares, as well as the EcoJardin label for the high standard of its ecological management.

EcoJardin label

Launched in 2012 following the initiative of nine cities with other contracting authorities and technical partners under the auspices of Plante&Cité, the EcoJardin label is aimed at encouraging the adoption of environmentally friendly management practices, highlighting the merits of the work carried out by gardeners who manage green spaces and raising users’ awareness of sustainable development as well as ecological practices of green spaces

Villandry is one of the first 56 green spaces to be awarded this label, and the first in the Centre Region. The gardeners at Villandry stopped using pesticides four years ago. By accepting this label, Villandry undertakes to continue and build on its action in favour of protecting the environment.  

Refuge LPO label

Just some of the 90 or so species of bird listed include: the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, the Grey Wagtail, the Tree Pipit, the Marsh Tit, the Sand Martin, the Stone Curlew, the Cattle Egret, the Redwing, the Common Firecrest, the Great Egret, the Little Egret and the Reed Bunting. 

In light of the conclusive findings of this study, the Refuge LPO label was awarded to the Gardens of Villandry in November 2012 by Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, President of the LPO. Villandry is the first château to have been awarded the Refuge LPO label

In 2013, Villandry is undertaking a major photographic report throughout the season with the association La Cambrousse, the results of which will be shown in the exhibition “Villandry: a 100% organic garden and haven of biodiversity”, before being included in a complete exhibition on Villandry’s birds in June 2014. 



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