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13 October 2010

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29 August 2013

People's Landscapes, an international photo competition for students

The deadline for the Fourth edition of this competition held by UNISCAPE is the 30th of September 2013. The aim of the contest is to encourage students to observe landscapes through the eyes of people in order to express how each one of us sees and perceives our landscapes by capturing the soul a...

19 August 2013

"Bridge(s)" photo competition

The Jargeau Tourist Information Office organised a free photo competition in the summer of 2013 on the theme "bridge(s)". This year, thanks to the Jargeau-Corsham twinning association, the competition was also open to people who live in Corsham (England).

04 July 2013

Comenius Corner

Pupils at La Rabière secondary school (Joué-lès-Tours) are continuing to learn more about heritage in a Comenius European project. In particular, they have created a "Comenius Corner" at their school where everyone can go to find out about the heritage of European partners.

04 July 2013

19 new properties listed as a World Heritage

The 37th session of the World Heritage Committee was held from 16 to 27 June in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), with a closing ceremony on the Angkor site. During this session, 19 new sites were added to the World Heritage List, which now includes 981 sites across 160 States Parties to the World Heritage...

30 April 2013

Annual meetings of the ABFPM

The Mission Val de Loire took part in the 11th Annual meetings of the Association of French World Heritage Properties, held in Strasbourg from 26th to 29th March 2013.

30 April 2013

Regional actions for the Loire and its estuary

The action plan voted in by the Pays de la Loire Regional Council on 1st February 2013 forms the basis for discussions on the policies to be taken on the river within the Pays de la Loire Region. It was drawn up following on from the Assises régionales de la Loire organised in 2011 and from the c...

30 April 2013

Outcomes of the VITOUR LANDSCAPE project

The European project VITOUR LANDSCAPE (2010-2012), led by the network of European world heritage vineyards, concluded with the publication of a European guide for protecting and promoting wine-making cultural landscapes and a report on best practice transfers.

28 February 2013

Mobilisation for the heritage of Mali

In liaison with the French government, on 18th February 2013 UNESCO organised a day of mobilisation for the international community in favour of safeguarding the heritage of Mali, which has been damaged over the months of occupation of the north of the country by Islamist groups. The Mission Val...

31 January 2013

European project Comenius on exploring and preserving heritage

Along with six other schools from Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Turkey, La Rabière secondary school (Joué-lès-Tours) is taking part in the Comenius school partnership project "Our heritage: knowing it better and preserving it". In December 2012, the twenty or so pupils from the Come...

20 December 2012

Monitoring land use in order to preserve winegrowing landscapes

As part of the VITOUR Landscape project, each partner European vineyard on the World Heritage list must test out the feasibility of transferring a given best practice. In the Loire Valley, Mission Val de Loire and the Cellule Terroirs Viticoles (CTV) have joined forces with the Loire-Anjou-Tourai...

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