Mission Val de Loire

Published on 23 January 2015 - Updated 25 October 2016
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The Mission Val de Loire has been coordinating development projects for the World Heritage site since 2002.

Created in March 2002 by the regional councils of Centre and Pays de la Loire , the Mission Val de Loire is the operational body for the management system of the World Heritage site. It is a cross-regional organisation, which is chaired by each region in turn for a 3-year period. The Joint Committee responsible for monitoring its activities, made up of regional elected representatives, meets between three and five times a year. 


The Mission is financed by the two founder regions of the organisation in the following proportions: 2/3 by Centre and 1/3 by Pays de la Loire. The national government contributes to the financing of research and other projects carried out under the heritage section of the Plan Loire Grandeur Nature . (an environmental management plan for the river Loire). 



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