A new issue of Revue 303 devoted to the Loire Valley World Heritage site

Published on 29 June 2012 - Updated 19 July 2012
Cet article date d'il y a plus de 10 ans

This special edition contains no less than 38 articles from the pens of some forty authors from a wide range of disciplinary fields, on over 270 sumptuously illustrated pages – reading pleasure and a visual feast guaranteed!

Some ten years after the appearance of the first issue , it seeks to bring a few basic answers to questions concerning preservation of the Exceptional Universal Value of the Loire Valley’s cultural landscape with regard to issues involved in the development of a living territory: What new knowledge do we have? What action has been carried out so far? How are projects organised? What directions are to be taken in the near future? 

The site was included on the UNESCO list in 2000, and the significance of its inclusion and the commitments resulting from it must always be kept in mind. A subtle composition combining water, light, stone, vineyards, history and gardens, the Loire Valley’s cultural landscape is also an area where the different fields of town-planning, development, knowledge, cultural action and enhancement of heritage converge. 

This publication is a joint creation of the 303 Association and Mission Val de Loire, with the support of the State, the Centre and Pays de la Loire Regions and the European Union. 

Price: €35 

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