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13 October 2010

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22 December 2010

8th Rendezvous of the Loire Valley (3rd December 2010)

Bringing together all of the professionals involved in the life of the Loire Valley, these meetings devoted to the 10th anniversary of the UNESCO listing went back over the beginnings of the listing and provided food for thought on the principles for managing the site and promoting the UNESCO lis...

22 December 2010

The river at the heart of development, compared experiences (2nd December 2010)

Organised by the Mission Val de Loire for the 10th anniversary of the UNESCO listing of the Loire Valley World Heritage, this international seminar was an opportunity to capitalise on experiences gained in terms of management, development and preservation of river corridors and remarkable sites,...

21 September 2010

A charter for the property included on the World Heritage List

On 20th September 2010, Frédéric Mitterrand, French Minister of Culture and Communication, Chantal Jouanno, French Secretary of State for Ecology, and Yves Dauge, President of the Biens français du patrimoine mondial Association signed the Commitment Charter on managing property included on the W...

21 September 2010

Europe and wine

On 22nd and 23rd October 2010 in Tours. Annual conference of the association Europe Val de Loire.

21 July 2010


15 July 2010

First technical seminars for the European Vitour Landscape project

This INTERREG IVc (2010-2012) project targets protection and development of patrimonial wine-producing country, and covers 10 European vineyards listed as world heritage. Three of the 11 scheduled theme-based seminars took place from May to July 2010 – on site management policies (Pico, Azores),...

04 May 2010

Mopti: project for a Delta Centre and consideration of natural and built heritage in urban guidelines

During a trip to Mali in April 2010, Vincent Rotgé, Head of the International Relations Department, and Steven Gayme, International Projects Leader from the Mission Val de Loire, as well as Cécilia Meynet, UNESCO Consultant for the Niger/Loire Project, met with local representatives of the Mopti...

03 May 2010

Loire-Mekong conference: “Hydraulic installations and development”

As part of the 2nd Great Rivers Biennial devoted to the Mekong, on 28th May 2010, Saint Mathurin sur Loire will be hosting this conference, organised by the Maison de la Loire in Anjou with the support of the Val de Loire Mission.

03 May 2010

Meeting of the Association des biens français du patrimoine mondial (ABFPM)

The 8th Annual Meeting of the Association of French World Heritage Sites (ABFPM) will be held on 6th and 7th May 2010, organised by the latter, the Réseau Vauban Patrimoine mondial and the town of Besançon.

02 May 2010

2nd Great Rivers Biennial: the Mekong

The Maison de Loire in Anjou is organising another Great Rivers Biennial, this year involving associations and schools in the region. Exhibitions, a symposium, conference and day of festivities will bring Asia to the Communauté de communes Vallée Loire Authion in the spring and early summer 2010.

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