Gardens and plants

Published on 29 November 2010 - Updated 09 August 2013
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The UNESCO Loire Valley - World Heritage site invites you to discover the beauty of its grand but intimate, traditional yet creative gardens.

The birthplace of the French style of gardening, the Loire Valley - World Heritage site is famous for its gardens. Here, the gardens are the elegant expression of a long tradition which has its roots in the abbeys of the Middle Ages and the châteaux of the Renaissance. The tradition is constantly being kept up to date through horticultural and aesthetic research. 

In the parks and gardens of the Val de Loire, harmony is the guiding principle behind displays which lend a living beauty to the Loire landscapes. 

From pleasure gardens to kitchen gardens, this mosaic of plant life takes you on a journey through a natural and dreamlike landscape. 

The most famous sites, such as Villandry or Chaumont, take you on a voyage of discovery through fabulous gardens where tradition is married to modern ideas. Smaller, more intimate sites provide a simple introduction to the art of modern French-style gardening. The so-called “jardins belvédères”, set high above the Loire, offer spectacular panoramas over the royal river. 

The ‘art of the garden’ has been elevated to a creative art in the Loire Valley, producing these dreamlike, idealised spaces halfway between man and nature. Everyday life is so imbued with their presence that each passing moment is enriched by them.