Association for World Heritage Properties in France (ABFPM)

29 August 2013

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Association des biens français du patrimoine mondial (ABFPM)

In 2004, the Loire Valley organised the first meeting for World Heritage Properties in France during the drafting of the first periodic report on the application of the 1972 Convention and the State of Conservation of national world heritage properties. The idea of putting together a network giving managers the opportunity to share thoughts about the challenges and problems they face on a daily basis gradually took shape and the Association for World Heritage Properties in France was finally founded in September 2007, chaired by Yves DAUGE. 38 out of the 39 listed properties are currently represented by the Association, which also welcomes several candidates on the French Tentative List.


The association's missions are to: 

  • Create the conditions for discussing and sharing knowledge and experiences in the areas of conservation, protection, promotion, bringing to life and management of the heritage
  • Make proposals and hold discussions in these areas among heritage stakeholders in France and abroad
  • Promote the sites included in the World Heritage List among the public and tourist operators.

The association has particularly partnered up with the  Michelin publishing house for the publication of the Guide Vert des biens français du patrimoine mondial


After carrying out the association's secretariat duties when it was set up, the Mission Val de Loire has co-chaired the Management Plans Commission with the Mission Bassin Minier Nord-Pas de Calais since 2013

The permanent secretariat is based at the Mission Val de Loire's headquarters:
Managing Director: Chloé CAMPO de MONTAUZON
ABFPM c/o Mission Val de Loire – 81 rue Colbert BP4322 37043 Tours Cedex 1 FRANCE
Tel.: +33 2 47 66 51 65 / 

The Annual Meetings for World Heritage Properties in France are an opportunity for reviewing the actions taken during the year (statutory general assembly) and, from a broader point of view, for working on cross-cutting themes that are common to everyone (sustainable tourism, mediation, management, etc.). 

Given the many challenges facing the managers of listed property, the ABFPM has set up three work commissions

  • Management plans
  • Communication, Culture and Mediation
  • International relations


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